• SOFT SCARF, Dark Grey Melange, large
  • SOFT SCARF, Dark Grey Melange, large
  • SOFT SCARF, Dark Grey Melange, large
  • SOFT SCARF, Dark Grey Melange, large


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19,95 € 5,95 €
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19,95 € 5,95 €
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- Scarf from Y.A.S
- Very soft material
- Fringes at the ends
- Four different colours in the colour combination
  • 100% Akryyli
  • Pesu kielletty
  • Valkaisu kielletty
  • Rumpukuivaus kielletty
  • Ripustuskuivaus
  • Silitys kielletty
  • Kemiallinen pesu kielletty
  • Tuotenumero: 26005989
  • EAN: 5713440582719


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About Y.A.S

The Danish brand Y.A.S holds a simple vision: to present well-crafted and fashionable items that cover every part of the modern woman’s life. With our different lines, Y.A.S provides both daily-wear, evening-wear, soft lingerie and sportswear that enable women to be unique and individual in their styling no matter the occasion. The design approach is contemporary and the collections are feminine with edge and understated coolness. Each season, Y.A.S presents collections of on-trend yet enduring classics for women, who seek fashion items to match her personal expression and radiance.