Y.A.S YASDELI KNITTED PULLOVER, Summer Green, highres - 26026071_SummerGreen_003.jpg


€55,95 €69,99
+3 Colours
Contains alpaca wool
Y.A.S YASLIVI KNITTED PULLOVER, Star White, highres - 26028699_StarWhite_003.jpg


Y.A.S YASMATELLO KNITTED PULLOVER, Blue Topaz, highres - 26026069_BlueTopaz_003.jpg
Y.A.S YASMATELLO KNITTED PULLOVER, Classic Green, highres - 26026069_ClassicGreen_003.jpg
Y.A.S YASBISTRA KNITTED PULLOVER, Birch, highres - 26029011_Birch_003.jpg
Y.A.S YASBISTRA KNITTED PULLOVER, Medium Grey Melange, highres - 26029011_MediumGreyMelange_003.jpg
Y.A.S YASBISTRA KNITTED PULLOVER, Lavender, highres - 26029011_Lavender_003.jpg
Y.A.S YASLIVICABLE KNITTED CARDIGAN, Azalea Pink, highres - 26029038_AzaleaPink_003.jpg


€53,95 €89,99
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Jumpers and cardigans

Discover our range of soft women’s knitwear designed for all seasons. We’ve made sure that you can combine style and comfort in one of our many different knitwear styles. We always work with wool, and alpaca, and our knitwear is crafted to be long-lasting. Shop our wide selection of women’s jumpers & cardigans.  

Knit types

We have all types of knitwear, from the timeless pieces to the more trendy statement knits. Whether you love a classic roll-neck or a dramatic knit with dropped shoulders, we have the style that will fit into your wardrobe. Our knits are perfect for creating a layered look. Try styling one of our crew-necks under a coat for every day.